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Frequently asked questions

What is an open membership?

An open membership means you have the option of coming to any class that is geared to your age and belt level, providing there is availability when you register.

Register in all time slots you will use. If you will never come to one particular class we do ask that you leave it open for someone else. This gives you the flexibility to come when you can from one week to the next within the times you've registered for.
You can choose between an open membership and a one class per week membership.

Tell me about the discounts...

There are several discounts available. They don't stack; but we will apply the highest discount you qualify for, ranging from 5 to 15% off. 5% - 2 members taking karate or dance in the household 10% - 3 or more members taking karate or dance in the household 10% - 1 payment for the session
Sept to Dec (4 months), January to May (5 months), June to August (3 months) 15% - 1 student enrolled in both karate and dance If a student is enrolling in more than one karate class, or more than one dance class, they will use the "Open Membership" rate on the schedule, which is approximately 50% off the second class.

What is required for dance attire:

** Pre-dance and combined Jazz/Hip Hop classes follow the Jazz attire.

For Ballet:

Black Leotard/bodysuit
Black “dance” shorts
Pink ballet tights
Black ballet slippers
Hair – ballet bun

For Jazz:

Black leotard/bodysuit
Black “dance” shorts
Beige tights
Black jazz shoes (optional for pre-dance and combinded Jazz/Hip Hop classes)
Hair: Pony tail, away from face or bun
*Boys: black t-shirt, black dance pants or shorts, and black jazz shoes

For Hip Hop:

Black top
Black bottoms (sweats, leggings, or loose shorts)
Clean sneakers (for indoor use only)
Hair: Pony tail, away from face or bun

What forms of payment are accepted?

Initial payment from new members can be made by cheque, cash, email transfer (to or pre-authorized debit. Monthly fees can be made by post dated cheques to the end of the session, or pre-authorized debit.

What if I miss a class?  What if the studio closes?

Since dance is only offered on Saturdays at this time, we will not have a makeup class. However, you will not be charged extra for months with 5 Saturdays.
The studio closes on stat holidays, for bad weather, for one week at Christmas, and for one week in the summer or as scheduled in advance. If there have been five classes on the same night in this month or the previous or next month, we will not run a makeup class. Otherwise we will schedule a makeup class or pro-rate the month, to be decided based on the schedule.

When can my child start?

Dance classes are run year round, and students are not required to join at the beginning of a session. There is an expectation that all students will participate in the Showcase in June, so new registrations may not be accepted from March 1 to the Showcase date.

New registrations will be open again for the summer session.

Is there a recital?  What can be expected for costume costs?

In September a date will be announced for the annual Showcase, in June. For several years now it has been held at the Conrad Centre in Cambridge. Performing is an important part of dance, and we have an expectation that our students who are enrolled at the time of showcase will participate. Costumes range around $45-80 depending on size and style. They are normally invoiced in April and due in May. This is paid separately from the monthly fees. There is also a holiday/Christmas recital. Participation is encouraged but not mandatory.