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A warrior tending a garden....


We've heard the question many times, "Won't karate teach my child to fight and be violent?” We’ve even asked that question ourselves as parents with kids in Karate for the last 15 years we can say no, emphatically no.

Student to his master - "Sensei you teach me to fight yet you are always talking about peace, I don't understand?" His sensei replied - "It is better to be a warrior tending a garden then a gardener off to war." -unknown

From the moment a child steps into a Triple Arts Karate dojo, they are taught that using their Karate is a last resort. Directly from our student creed;

"I will use common sense before self defence and I will never be offensive or abusive."

And from our self defence creed; Quiet Hands....

“I will use my head for thinking first, I will use my feet for moving first, I will use my voice for speaking first. If that fails, or if I am unable, then and only then my hands are loud."

The absolute best self defence that we teach is that of self confidence, a sense of right and wrong, and the taking of responsibility for their actions; sadly lacking in a lot of today’s unguided youth. Yes, Karate teaches strikes, and blocks, but the art of Karate is not just a tool of self protection, it's a tool for self improvement to help kids live all aspects of their lives.

I'm paraphrasing a well know martial artist and exchanging Karate for Kung Fu. ~ "Karate lives in everything we do, it lives in how we put on a jacket, it lives in the way we take off a jacket, it lives in how we treat people, everything is Karate." -Jackie Chan The Karate Kid



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