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January Newsletter

January 6th Belt Grading,Pizza Night January 27th Ultimate Family Fun Race

January to May Luggage Fundraiser

January 29th IMAF 2020 Info Night February 10th Tournament Practise

February 17th Brantford tournament

February 19th Closure (Family Day)

April 1 Closure (Easter)

May 14-16 Sensei is away

June 7-10 Miyagi Chojun Festival, Burlington

***these items are on our web site calendar for quick reference

January 6th Belt Grading A grading was held Saturday January 6th, TAK would like to congratulate all the participating students. You all did an awesome job. Movie-Pizza Night to be announced shortly

The Ultimate Family Fun Race January 27th is the big day! Triple Arts Karate Bright location is honoured to be one of 14 stops in the Ultimate Family Fun Race. Join in the fun and see what challenge Sensei presents the contestants! Search the event name on facebook or see the poster at the club for details and to sign up! Proceeds support the Plattsville Christian School.

Luggage Fundraiser DiNamic Travel has generously donated a set of luggage for our winter fundraiser, valued at $800! Watch for a Draw Board at the Dojo - 2$ per square, once the board is full or May 1st at the latest, we will cut into separate tickets and draw a winner. Proceeds go to club improvements and equipment.

January 29th Meeting for 2020 IMAF at Disney World Monday January 29th from 5-7pm drop in at the upper board room. This is a very preliminary meeting to gauge interest. Ask questions, grab some take away literature, and get a free ticket to enter into the luggage draw.

February 17th Ontario Karate Challenge - Brantford Tournament Tournament practises will be held in Bright on Tuesdays from 7:00-8:00 pm starting January 23rd and will run until the tournament. An extended Tournament Practice will be held on Saturday February 10th from 10:30-12:15pm. Registration deadline is February 9th.

Upcoming Closures: Family Day February 19th - the Dojo will be closed for Family Day. Make up class offered Thursday February 22nd (regular Monday night times apply.)

Easter Monday April 1st - the Dojo will be closed for Easter Monday. No make up class will held as there are four remaining Mondays in April.

May 14th, 15th and 16th – Sensei has been working hard with personal development and getting himself prepared to run our new location and will be taking a short breather. Classes will still be held, and Sensei expects everyone to be on their “4Bs” (best black belt behaviour) for whoever will be teaching those nights.

June 7–10

The Chojun Miyagi Festival, Burlington Details to follow – there will be events, seminars and social events. If you wish to attend IOGKF membership is required. If interested please see us at the Dojo.

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