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Kiran Deyo

Kiran has been training in Martial Arts for 17 years.  His introduction into the Martial Arts world was at the age of 4 where he began training in the children's Aikido classes at Golden Triangle Aiki Shuren Dojo under Chief Instructor Stefan Barton, a Godan (5th Dan) under the Aikikai Foundation in Toyko.


At the age of 6 Kiran began his study of Kenpo Karate at Kick N FX Family Martial Arts under Sensei Steve Chaput, a 6th Degree Black Belt with the World Martial Arts Organization.  Here Kiran participated in numerous Shaia's (tournaments), and gained experience with a variety of different martial arts weapons, his favourite being the Nunchaku. At 11 years old he became a student helper, and discovered that his favourite part of Karate was being able to teach it to others.  In December of 2010 Kiran began his year long probation as a Junior Black Belt and Sempai, and on November 28, 2011 at the age of 14 was presented with his Junior Black Belt.


In 2012 Kiran was introduced to the more traditional style of Gōjū-ryū at Triple Arts Academy, and was generously given an opportunity to teach and a year later, in October 2013, to open the Bright location under the lead of Miss Madelaine and Sensei Arnold.  At Triple Arts Academy's Bright location, he continues to share the benefits of Martial Arts to children in his own community. 


Kiran's journey in Martial Arts has taught him that success comes from hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Cael Brant

Cael’s introduction to piano started at the young age of five. His family and music teacher realized early on that Cael had an outstanding musical gift and he was confirmed to have absolute pitch. This means that Cael has the rare ability to identify any musical note or pitch using his ear. This combined with Cael’s incredible musical memory, has allowed him the ability to correct errors quickly to give the feeling
of effortless playing.

Over the years, Cael has been the recipient of awards and scholarships through the Woodstock Rotary Music Festival. Cael is currently working on Level 9 Piano through The Royal
Conservatory of Music. Cael finished Grade 9 at WCI in Woodstock with a 90% average and is currently attending Grade 10. Cael’s passion for piano is most evident with his personal arrangement of pieces he plays by ear and when composing his own works. He received high accolades for his own composition in his first Provincial music writing competition run by ORMTA. Besides the piano, Cael has also been playing the cello for three years running. He plays both piano and cello in the Orchestra and Jazz band
ensembles as extra-curricular activities through his high school. Cael has embraced teaching since becoming a practicing Sempai for Triple Arts Bright in 2019. Cael has also been co-teaching his six-year-old brother introductory piano, which has endeared him further to teach.
“ Teaching is very rewarding. Knowing I’m passing on knowledge from something I love doing, will
both help others and make them happy, makes me happy too!”
- Cael Brant

Samantha Johnston

Samantha Johnston has danced for the past 11 years, starting out in ballet and then exploring several other dance disciplines. She has taken ballet since she was 4 years old and is currently taking 2 & ½ hours of ballet per week. She had taken lyrical for 3 years, hip hop for 2 years and takes these styles of dance weekly as well. In the past Samantha took tap/step for two years and competed in a step dance competition. She has helped with younger dance classes for 5 years, danced annually in recitals since 2008 and danced at several community events over the years. This past summer she passed her RAD grade 6 ballet exam with merit. At this time Samantha is working toward passing her RAD grade 7 ballet exam and hopes to complete her intermediate level of RAD ballet next dance season, all while taking hip hop, pointe and lyrical classes.  She constantly challenges herself to improve as a dancer and hopes to become an instructor one day. Samantha is very excited for the opportunity to help at Triple Arts Bright!


Colin Arnold

Colin Arnold has been actively training in martial arts for over 25 years. As a child he was raised in and around the karate community, to which he was first introduced by his father,  Sensei John Arnold and learning such qualities as self discipline, respect, and confidence. He has trained with renowned martial artists around the world including: Don Warrener; Hidetaka Nishiyama; Chuck Merriman; Fumio Demura; George Kotaka; Richard Kim; Isaac Florentine; David Turkoski; Conroy Copeland; Phil McColl; and three-time World Champion Elisa Au-Fonseca.

Sensei Arnold has competed in numerous Martial Arts tournaments world-wide including the WKO World Karate championship. He has also been involved in a variety of martial arts film projects released by Rising Sun Productions. During his 4 year stay in Los Angeles, Colin studied various styles of Martial Arts such as: Muy Thai, Shotokan Karate, Capoeira, Kendo, Judo, and Kali Escrima.

Martial Arts has been a lifelong passion for Colin Arnold and he incorporates the same level of passion for teaching. He invokes a sense of dedication from his students while promoting their interest in Martial Arts through his energetic personality and creativity. He is excited to be a part of Triple Arts Academy and looks forward to sharing his knowledge  and experience in Martial Arts with future students.


Madelaine Massey

Bio Coming Soon!


Meet the rest of the Team...

The Dojo team is here to help.  
Students and parents, if you have any questions or concerns, please search out a member of the team.

Rob Deyo

Rob was introduced to Martial Arts in his twenties having studied Shuri-Te Karate briefly under Master Gord Hendry currently of British Columbia. 

In 1995 Rob entered the law enforcement field and in 1996-1997 became an instructor with Dynamic Survival Instruction, teaching defensive tactics, pressure points, controlling tactics and collapsible baton to Law Enforcement Officers.  To that end Rob's interests lie in the practical application of Karate and self defence.

In 2002 Rob attained 5th kyu in Aikido through Golden Triangle Aiki Shuren Dojo under Chief Instructor Stefan Barton, a Godan (5th Dan) under the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo. 

In 2013 Rob began training in Goju Ryu Karate at Triple Arts Performing and Martial Arts Academy under sensei Arnold-Massey, and Miss Madelaine Massey-Arnold. 

Rob and his family are committed to the success of expanding Triple Arts Performing and Martial Arts Academy into Oxford County for the amazing benefits it will bring to families in our community.


Sempai Nik 

Sempai Nik has been training with Triple Arts Academy in Cambridge, Ontario for seven years, and has achieved his purple belt.  Nik has been helping to teach all ages at Triple Arts Karate Bright location since it opened in October 2013.

Check out his demonstration of the first three katas on our youtube channel.  

Nik is also an instructor with Triple Arts for the Introductory Guitar program.


Mark Johnston

Mark has been a student with Triple Arts since 2014.  

Mark is a Ninja.  Shhhhh don't tell anyone!

Shelley Deyo

Shelley started with Triple Arts in an admin role in 2013, and became a student in 2014.   She currently holds her brown belt, and is proud to call her son "Sensei".  Shelley likes to be thought of as the Dojo Mom.  



Jackie Currah

Jackie's Bio to follow

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